Valentine's Day

Maybe you still haven't recovered from having your heart pummeled on Valentine's Day, or perhaps you just love slumming with the romantically challenged. Regardless, if you have an ounce of humor and a pound of energy, you'll dig the Mr. T Experience show.

For one thing, just about every song is "about a girl" - at least that's how the punk trio's kewl-as-it-gets frontman, Dr. Frank, introduces each disaster of a romantic extravaganza.

"I've been doing most of those things I'm supposed to / You've been tearing me apart and I can't compete with you / You keep doing what you do and I'll keep taping up my heart / ...My heart is young and black and proud and bold / You better eat it before it gets cold." he sings in Tapin' Up My Heart, all the while pounding on that guitar.

It's not so much that MTX is peerless in the type of music it plays - because it's not. It's the band's attitude (hey, not any old band could get away with a song like Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend) and some of the catchiest melodies around that make the band's shows worth attending.

The Mr. T Experience started out in the Gilman Street scene in San Francisco's East Bay. The same scene later produced Green Day, Rancid and Operation Ivy.

With nine EPs and eight albums (its first was released in '86, and its latest, Revenge is Sweet, and So Are You, was released last year) the band seems to have struck a chord with the rejected and the dejected in us all.

Although MTX has broken up twice and retains only one of its original members, it's that one member, Dr. Frank, who is the principle songwriter, so it's been business as usual for the band's fans.

If you're lucky, MTX might even do its cover of Elton John's Don't Go Breaking My Heart at Friday night's show.

Opening for MTX are the Teen Idols from Nashville, a three-chord punk-rock outfit, and Ann Beretta a punk quartet (three of them ex-Inquisition members) from Richmond, VA.